About Us

Established in 1989 from humble beginnings as a coating company, MJC evolved into a value added provider of quality modifications, which provide commercial sales offices with competitive advantages in the market. With qualifications and unlimited capabilities in our electrical, metal, welding, and refrigeration shops, MJC possesses the experience and expertise to succeed in Custom HVAC modifications and coatings.

  • Design and build complete systems for the HVAC industry
  • Modify existing equipment for specific applications
  • Design controls and build UL certified electrical panels
  • Provide complete coating solutions

Custom Products/Services

MJC has extended its line of custom designed HVAC products in order to meet your personal HVAC needs. MJC introduces:

  • Air Turnover Systems – MJC Air Turnover units are engineered for heating and cooling large open space such as distribution facilities, warehouses, storage facilities, and manufacturing plants. MJC Air Turnover Units have the ability to cool using DX or Chilled Water Systems and heat using numerous options such as gas, steam, electric, and hot water heat. MJC Air Turnover systems can be designed as large as 150,000 CFM – 300 Tons – 10,000 MBH
  • 100% Outdoor Air Solutions- designed for heating and cooling, this product is competitive with all other manufacturers  in the market.
  • Energy Recovery Units – For comfort, health, safety, and where people work, adequate ventilation and indoor air quality has become more critical. For these applications MJC’s Energy Recovery Units are the perfect solution. MJC ERV units are capable to be stand alone or built onto your packaged equipment. MJC ERV’s have the ability to use sensible or enthalpy plates or wheels and can provide a wide range of options from 1,000 to 20,000 CFM
  • MJC Convergence Unit – Packaged VRF Multi-zone – A first of its kind patent pending VRF solution in a packaged multi-zone form. The MJC Convergence unit takes the advantages of VRF heat recovery system to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple zones. Designed for retrofit and new construction, the packaged VRF MZ is perfect for many applications such as schools.



With a wide range of qualifications and capabilities, MJC possesses the expertise to provide high quality HVAC modification solutions. To name a few of our common modification solutions, MJC possesses the ability to provide
  • Hot Gas Reheat - Modulating & On/Off for Split Systems & Packaged Equipment
  • APR Rawal Valve - MJC's Hot gas bypass option - MJC is a factory approved installer of the APR valve
  • Fan Modifications - MJC has the ability to add or install different fan options such as high static fans, fan arrays, direct drive plenum fans, higher CFM fans, VFDs, and more
  • 100% OA solutions - MJC can take a standard RTU and modify it for 100% OA. This can be a cost effective solution instead of an expensive DOAS unit.
  • Heat Options - MJC has specialized in installing heat systems for over 20 years. MJC has the ability to provide options such as, larger drum & tube heaters / modulating gas kit / SCR controls / KW heaters / HW Coils / etc
To learn more about our modification abilities, you can find further information under the HVAC Modifications tab located in our Products section.


MJC specializes in coatings for aggressive industrial applications such as, chemical plants, water treatment plants, off-shore platforms, and industrial facilities. With coating ranges designed for anti-corrosive, anti-microbial, and architectural situations, MJC uses the coating products Blygold, ICI Devoe, and AgION.
MJC Inc - Custom HVAC Units, HVAC Coatings, HVAC Modifications
MJC Inc - Custom HVAC Units, HVAC Coatings, HVAC Modifications
MJC Inc - Custom HVAC Units, HVAC Coatings, HVAC Modifications