Evergreen ECO Technology: How Evergreen UVC increases AHU Energy Efficiency

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Facility managers struggle with maintaining HVAC units. Coil cleaning is often one of the most neglected maintenance requirements. To truly keep coils clean and performing to original specifications, coils may need to be cleaned 4 times per year (quarterly)– which is expensive, labor and chemical intensive… and unrealistic.


EVERGREEN UV Coil Optimization Technology (ECO-­‐UV) is specifically engineered for the ideal treatment of coils, engineered sand scaled specifically for the coil’s exact height, width, and CFM of the HVAC system.


Biofilm naturally accumulates on all cooling coil fins, reducing thermal energy transfer and air volume, while increasing static pressure and air speed (less contact time with cooling fins); Biofilm also serves as the ‘glue’ that attracts and holds particulates that bypass filtration, causing coil fouling and efficiencies to decline rapidly. Biofilm causes all AHU components to work harder, including chiller plants and fan motors.

ASHRAE states: “Damp coil and drain pan conditions are excellent forums for growth of bacteria and mold (biofilm). Coil fouling caused by growth of bacteria and mold increases coil pressure drop and reduces airflow, reducing heat transfer from coil fins to lessen the amount of work a system can perform”.  

 ASHRAE Handbook, Chapter 16, 2008; Chapter 60, 2011 & 2015. Facility managers are often forced to compensate for cooling capacity loss by reducing chilled water temperature, increasing fan speeds, lowering thermostats, and adjusting setbacks; reactive efforts that greatly contribute to increased energy consumption.

The ECO Solution (Environmental Coil Optimization)

“UVC can be readily applied to HVAC systems to keep coils, drain pans, and other surfaces clean and free of microbial contamination. UVC maintains heat exchange efficiency, design airflow, and improves indoor air quality by reducing bacteria and mold growth on system components.” “Coil pressure drop is reduced and, therefore, airflow is restored. Because heat transfer also is restored, this combination can result in significant energy savings, with payback of possibly less than 2 years.” ASHRAE Handbook, 2008, 2011, 2015  

Environmental Coil Optimization destroys the insulating biofilm to ‘release’ dirt and debris that contribute to coil fouling. Coil optimization returns the AHU to as-­new specification to help achieve the benefits listed by ASHRAE, while providing substantial and immediate energy efficiency that results in rapid ROI payback.

AHU Benefits:  

  1. Kills all mold and biological growth on coil fins, drain pan, fan motor and surrounding plenum. And… odors are eliminated!
  2. Bio-­‐free coils generate greater condensate volume and lower Relative Humidity  (RH%) in the facility. Increased condensate properly removes debris as originally specified = cleaner coils and cleaner pans.
  3. Delta-­‐T and thermal efficiency restoration, static pressure reduction,  improved air flow, reduced fan amperage draw = return to as-­ built specifications.
  4. Energy savings = 8% to 20% / energy ROI = 1 to 4 years.
  5. Keeps coils clean 24/7/365

Maintenance Benefits:

  1. Eliminates need for chemical coil cleaning = labor and chemical savings.
  2. Eliminates need for pan pills or odor pills in pans or plenums.
  3. More Efficient system = fewer service issues.
  4. Lifecycle of AHU extended by ~ two years.


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