Data / Computer Room – Case Study

case studyIn  business, there are many things one must consider to be successful.  From being sure to maintain the budget to doing our part to minimize our footprint on the environment and ensuring that employees have a workplace that allows them to be productive, it is important to look for ways that can help your company be effective as well as efficient. After all, it is in taking actions to build success that result in a company not just appreciated by those who work for you, but in gaining the approval from those within your industry.

One such way that MJC helps companies be successful is by helping them create a comfortable work environment. This is done through implementing HVAC systems designed to work with their needs, while still making as little environmental impact as possible. Recently, we were approached by a well-known, national communications company to maximize their computer room’s workspace, while minimizing the amount of noise their existing HVAC system produced, however, the changes needed to keep their company’s footprint from increasing.

Our Solution:

After an assessment of the facility to see how their current HVAC system was set up, we had a plan. We then collaborated with a major HVAC manufacturer, which resulted in a commercial split system. The MJC team built the AHU portion of the job, designing a unit that moved the noise caused by the compressors to be moved to another location away from the work area.

This innovative design used stacked plenum fans and a V-bank coil configuration. In taking this approach, MJC was able to double the capacity of the units without increasing the footprint. A definite win for all those involved. So, how did we do it? Here’s how.

The MJC Unit Design:

·         15,000 CFM

·         (3) 5,000 CFM Direct Drive Plenum Fans – VFD on each Fan

·         40 Tons DX Cooling

·         Custom UL electrical enclosure

·         Modular Retrofit Construction, which made it possible for modules to be able to fit through a standard door

As HVAC specialist with many years of experience in creating custom systems, we were happy to take on this assignment and design a system to meet these parameters. The MJC team was happy to partner with another HVAC specialist to design a system that did exactly what the client wanted, and we look forward to many other custom projects. If you need a customized HVAC system for your commercial location, we want to be a part of the solution. Give us a call today to learn how we can take your HVAC problems and turn them into productive solutions.