Portable & Rental Units

MJC, Inc. posses the capabilities to build complete rental units as well as modify customer’s rooftop units for rental applications and features.

MJC works with Top HVAC manufacturers to transform their standard equipment in to robust portable equipment ready to stand up to the rigors of being moved from location to location. With Structural steel skid bases for lifting and sliding, constructed with overhead boom points for lifting or fork pockets for handling with construction lifts, MJC has a custom built solution to meet your needs whether it be a portable pump skid, a mobile modular self contained unit, or a full package DX unit. Each HVAC unit is fitted with supply and return connectors for flexible duct work. All HVAC units are designed with quick electrical connectors for generator power as well as standard lug type electrical connectors. All units are fitted with heavy duty access doors capable of standing up to repeated opening and closings.

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