Convergence VRFMZ – Packaged VRF Multizone

MJC, Inc. is proud to introduce the game changing multizone – CONVERGENCE – A Packaged VRF Multizone Unit configured in a classic multizone layout for both New and Direct Replacement markets. MJC has combined the efficiency and reliability of a VRF system into a roof, pad, or indoor mounted package unit.

  • A first of its kind Patent Pending VRF solution in Packaged multizone form.
  • Takes advantage of VRF heat recovery system to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple zones.
  • Designed for new construction and retrofit/direct replacement markets.
  • Solves the nagging issue of meeting ASHRAE STD 15 with VRF systems by keeping the refrigerant line sets out of the occupied spaces and ceilings.
  • Solves the issue of providing ventilation air with VRF systems by configuring the VRF system as a classic package unit with optional full economizer and energy recovery wheel options.
  • Provides higher efficiencies far surpassing traditional package multizone solutions and excels during part load conditions, a place where multizone equipment operates 40-80% of the time.



Advantages of the Convergence Packaged VRF Multizone

VRF technology can reduce the energy consumption by as much as 40% a year compared to traditional DX systems. VRF technology yields exceptional part-load efficiency. Since most HVAC systems spend most of their operating hours between 30-70% of their maximum capacity, where the coefficient of performance (COP) of the VRF superior to traditional DX systems.  VRF systems also offer much higher part load performance’s (IEER) than traditional DX systems.

For example, traditional air-cooled unitary air conditioners between 10 and 25 tons have full load efficiencies of 11 EER and part-load efficiencies of 12.0 IEER.  VRF systems have full load efficiencies up to 13 EER and part-load efficiencies up to 30 IEER. The MJC Convergent Multizone VRF system allows end users to take advantage of these higher efficiencies to lower utility costs and speed project payback.

MJC’s Convergence Packaged VRF Multizone unit allows end users to take advantage of VRF technology without the associated inconveniences of typical VRF systems. By providing a roof mounted multizone solution, it keeps service technicians out of the occupied space during maintenance. It eliminates the need for condensate pumps and drains being located in the occupied space.  This keeps the space from having clogged drains in multiple locations in the occupied space. All drains from individual evaporators are located in MJC’s Convergence unit making maintenance and cleaning easy and convenient.

MJC’s Convergence Packaged VRF Multizone answers ASHRAE Standard 15 Compliance concerns that traditional VRF systems have. Refrigerant piping is out of the airstream and out of the space being served. Our unit takes advantage of VRF solution without long refrigerant runs and high refrigerant charges.

In traditional two deck multizone applications, units blend hot deck air and cold deck air together potentially wasting energy from having mechanically cool and heated air mix together to maintain zone temperature. In todays market, simultaneously heated and cooled air is not allowed per code (California Title 24 and others), multizone units must be equipped with an ambient lockout, setting a changeover point where heating or cooling is enabled. This leads to periods of less than optimum zone temperatures. MJC’s Convergence Packaged VRF Multizone system excels by using the heat recovery feature to provide simultaneous heating and cooling without necessarily running the units compressors.


  • Capacities to 64 tons
  • VRF Heat recovery system
  • Mode control or Branch selector kit for simultaneous heating and cooing
  • SWSI Plenum supply blower
  • Premium efficient motors
  • Variable speed blowers
  • Independent zone evaporator coils.
  • Full Economizer with low leakage modulating dampers
  • Double wall casing and doors
  • Hinged access doors to blower and filter sections as well as other areas requiring routine maintenance.
  • 2” MERV 8 filters in side loading filter rack
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Formed galvanized base frame
  • Galvanized casing painted to match customer requirements.
  • Individual zone dampers for VAV function, balancing, and zone isolation.



  • Hot gas reheat
  • Energy recovery
  • Wheels
  • Sensible and Enthalpy plates
  • Space occupancy sensors
  • Dedicated outside air coil for minimum ventilation requirements
  • EC motor Supply and return fans
  • Direct drive SWSI plenum fans
  • Multiple fans for partial redundancy
  • Return fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Zone counts as high as 16.
  • CO2 Sensors
  • Refrigerant leak detectors
  • Smoke detectors in the return air section
  • 2” and 4” filters
  • Higher MERV ratings are available for LEED!
Convergence VRFMZ - Packaged VRF Multizone

MJC’s 4 Zone VRFMZ prototype

MJC's VRFMZ first of its kind packaged VRF mutizone

MJC’s VRFMZ first of its kind packaged VRF mutizone

Independent zone coils

Independently heat and or cool each zone regardless of ambient condition or conditions in other zones and do so without increasing energy usage. When some zones are calling for cooling, heating is available for free in a sense. Instead of rejecting heat to the outdoors, reject heat to zones calling for heating. The same is true for zones requiring heating. When zones are calling for heat, cooling is available for free in a sense as well, because its easy to forget that your not only cooling the air, but that the refrigerant is also absorbing heat from that air.

Independent coil for each zone in our patented VRFMZ

Independent coil for each zone in our patented VRFMZ

Options to meet 90.1

  • —Option for Demand Controlled ventilation
  • —Can simultaneously heat and cool during economizer mode without increasing energy usage.
  • —Includes VFD for VAV operation
  • —IEERs ranging 23-33, SCHE (simultaneous heating and cooling efficiencies) 26-31.5
  • —EC motor options
  • —Exhaust fan and/or return fan arrangements available
  • —Energy recovery
  • Low leakage dampers


School market ready

  • —Truly embodies the reasons why multizone units were selected for schools years ago
  • —Re-invents the school multizone market
  • —Fewer moving parts = Lower maintenance costs
  • —Quietest multizone available
  • —On the roof or in the mechanical room
  • —Out of the classroom
  • —Thrives with diverse space loads