Air Turnover Units

Interior mounted - air turnover unitsMJC builds the highest quality Air Turnover units available today. They can have refrigeration or water based cooling systems, indirect, direct, or Heat Injector heat systems, sound attenuation systems, specific color schemes for both indoor or outdoor applications, etc..

Air Turnover Units are a great way to heat and cool large spaces, up to 100,000 square feet without installing traditional ductwork throughout the building.

The Air Turnover Unit has a lower installed cost, and a higher efficiency than a traditional heating/cooling system. The new Heat Injector Air Turnover Unit is the latest in high efficiency heating technology, and available for any size Air Turnover Unit exclusively through MJC Inc.

MJC has developed a line to custom air turnover units to meet the market needs. Designed to provide cooling and heating to large industrial applications where cooling and/or heating is required for large open spaces, our custom air turnover unit has some very unique features that make it different from other air turnover units.

  • Efficiency-The unique design of our custom air turnover unit provides very high efficiencies in air movement within the facility it is located. This design enhances the comfort of the facility, increases the units air throw ability and uses less break horsepower
  • Multiple Options-because our unit is custom manufactured we are able to tackle some very unique applications.
  • Cooling-Chilled Water and DX
  • Heating-Modulating gas with high turndowns, Hot Water, Steam, and Electric Heat
  • Dehumidification and Humidification systems for specialized industrial applications
  • Building Pressurization and Economizer applications

Some samples of projects where our Custom Air Turnover units have been applied:

Well Known Beverage Company

Coca-Cola - Exterior mounted air turnover unitsFaced with a challenging engineering problem to cool and heat a high-tech auto-mated warehouse for a leading beverage company. The design engineer turned to MJC to develop a unique solution using MJC’s Custom Air Turnover Unit. The racking system of the facility is the support structure of the building. The exterior of the building is skinned on to the racking system to form the exterior walls. The storage area is 40,000 sq. ft. in area and 80 feet tall. The entire facility is conditioned from floor to ceiling with little stratification in temperature. Because the entire racking system is managed by robots that travel throughout the warehouse area, there was no place to put the air turn-over units except on the exterior of the facility.

Externally mounted, 76 foot tall Custom Air Turnover units were developed that heat, cool, economize, and pressurize the automated storage area. The units were provided with an internal face and bypass system to maintain proper humidity levels in the storage area.

Industrial Manufacturing Plant

A large industrial facility being designed was in the process of installing a number of DX cooling units to cool the production area. Working with plant engineer, MJC was able to convert the design of the facility to using 4 250-ton Custom Air Turnover units with two centrifugal water chillers. The overall system reduced the facilities potential energy consumption by 40%, first costs by 30% and maintained space temperature at 78F and 50% RH.

Industrial Printing Facility

Custom solutions - air turnover unitsThe productions facility for a major printing company had some existing DX rooftop units that cooled the production area. The existing rooftop units were in poor condition and provided inadequate cooling for the space. MJC evaluated the application and provided an 80-ton Custom Air Turnover unit that tied into the existing chilled water system. Because of our superior air distribution system the overall environment of the facility improved drastically. The productivity of the plant increase due tighter control of the environment that led to improved people comfort and productivity. Since the first unit was installed the facility has purchased and installed another unit of a different area of the plant. This system was installed with a DX condensing unit to provide system cooling.

Bottling Plant

MJC’s Custom Air Turnover unit was provided for a bottling plant for a major soft drink manufacturer. The unit was designed to maintain building temperature and pressure while dehumidifying the space. The production process required the bottling room to maintain a space temperature of 75F at 50% RH while maintaining a positive space pressure. MJC engineered the 150-ton Custom Air Turnover unit to meet these requirements using a chilled water coil and a custom built building pressurization system. The unit was provided with a unit mounted VFD and control system to maintain the room requirements.