HVAC Units

Established in 1989, MJC provides the HVAC industry with custom products, modifications, and coating solutions!

MJC’s mission is to exceed our customer’s expectation by providing exceptional value, quality, service, and on time shipping.

Custom Products / Capabilities
MJC has the ability to manufacture custom HVAC equipment. If you have an application with specific design constraints or need a product your HVAC manufacturer does not provide, MJC may be the perfect solution!

  • Air Turnover Units
  • Convergence Unit (Packaged VRF)
  • Stand Alone Energy Recovery Units
  • Packaged Energy Recovery Unit (Built onto your HVAC equipment)
  • Make Up Air Units
  • Direct Fired Heater Injector (Heater with 40:1 turndown and exceptional energy savings)

Majority of the large HVAC manufacturers such as Carrier, Daikin, Trane, Lennox, etc. do not provide ALL of the needed HVAC options from their factories. MJC has the ability to modify these HVAC systems to provide the needed options.

  • Fan Modifications – Higher Static Fans / Fan Arrays / Direct Drive Fans / Etc
  • Hot Gas Reheat – Modulating & On/Off Solutions
  • APR Rawal Valve
  • 100% OA Solutions – modifying a standard RTU for 100% OA
  • Sheet Metal – Stainless Steel drain pans / Double Wall construction / Access Doors
  • Electrical – Controls / VFDs / Custom Panels / Dual Point Power / UV Lights / Etc.

Coating Solutions
MJC specializes in coatings for all types of HVAC equipment. We provide interior, exterior, and coil coatings for anti-microbial, anti-corrosive, and architectural applications.

  • Anti-Corrosive – MJC’s Blygold & Devoe coatings help to provide the ultimate coating protection for aggressive environments such as Waste Water Plants, Chemical Plants, and Sea Coast applications.
  • Anti-Microbial – MJC’s Blygold XT MB & AgION antimicrobial coatings help protect against bio grown on your equipment.
  • Architectural – MJC has the ability to provide numerous color options for your HVAC unit’s exterior casing

MJC Inc - HVAC Units

MJC Inc - HVAC Units

MJC Inc - HVAC Units