Hot Gas Reheat

MJC provides hot gas reheat and bypass systems for any and all producers of HVAC equipment, both in standard or modulating formats. Also, controls of these systems can be integrated into the factory control systems, or independently, or provided with no controls if so desired.


Hot Gas Reheat

  • Single Step
  • Two Step
  • Modulating


  • Humidity Control in Comfort Cooling Applications

Installed in

  • Split systems
  • Packaged units
  • Heat pumps

Features & Benefits

  • Available in cooling/heating and heat pump package units
  • R-22, R-410a and 407c units
  • 10 to 18 degrees of reheat
  • Integrated in to the Trane control system
  • Available on Precedent, Voyager II & III, Intellipak
  • Available on split systems
  • Quick Ship cycles available
  • Factory run tested on packaged units

Standard Construction

  • Hot gas reheat coil tied into first-on-last-off compressor circuit
  • Dual solenoid valves direct gas to either to the condenser (straight cooling mode) or to the reheat coil and then to the condenser (reheat mode)
  • Bulkhead knockouts for copper piping lined with rubber grommets
  • Head pressure controller installed on mid-range units
  • Unit wiring reconfigured to accommodate reheat
  • Humidistat supplied for field mounting and wiring
  • Unit recharged with recovered refrigerant and leak checked
  • Unit run tested to assure proper operation
  • Wiring diagram and piping diagram placed inside unit
  • Copy of leak test form with refrigerant added placed inside unit with IOM instructions


  • Reheat applied to both circuits (where applicable) for greater reheat capacity
  • Blygold corrosion resistant coatings
    • Coils only or complete unit
  • Hinged access doors
  • Double wall construction
    • Perforated liner or solid wall
  • Burglar bars in supply and/or return

Hot Gas Heat modifications