Energy Wheels

MJC Inc has the ability to provide stand alone energy recovery unitsand built on energy recovery units with sensible and enthalpy energy wheels.

With MJC’s built on energy recovery option, this allows the customer to take their standard piece of equipment and now provides a packaged solution with energy recovery.

Advantages to MJC built on ERV

  1. Packaged solution to a standard RTU
  2. ERV & RTU wired for single point power
  3. Exterior painted to match RTU color
  4. Plug & Play operation for installer

Unit Construction

  • Base – 18 Ga. welded galvanized profile suitable for curb mounting, 14 Ga. on larger models
  • Corners and structural posts – 18 Ga. galvanized sheet metal. 14 Ga. on larger models.
  • Panels are single wall construction – 18 Ga. galvanized sheet metal
    • Panels are insulated with foil faced rigid insulation or fiberglass blanket with elastomeric foam insulation available
    • Panels are formed so that no insulation edge is exposed to the air stream
  • Access doors are located to provide easy access to fans, motors, filters and controls
    • Each access door has hinges and latches so that access does not require tools
  • Wheels can be removed through a hinged service access.
  • Unit top is designed either in one piece or has a standing seam and is suitable for outdoor installation
  • Intake and exhaust hoods – are shipped attached to the unit. Each hood has an integral bird screen
  • Both air streams are filtered prior to entering the heat exchanger. Standard filtration are 2” inch, pleated throw away filters. A variety of filtration options are available.


  • Double wall construction (not washed down)
  • Plug fans
  • Economizer operation
  • Wheel Frost controls
  • Motorized opposed blade dampers
  • Dirty filter indicator
  • MERV 8 or special filtration
  • Variable frequency drives or fans with integral ECM motors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Remote readout panel with indicating lights
  • Customer furnished building management controls factory installed

MJC, Inc - Energy Wheels modifications

MJC, Inc - Energy Wheels modifications

Energy Wheels modifications | MJC inc

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