MJC is a certified applicator of AgION anti-microbial coating which provides excellent protection against bio growth on painted surfaces.

Coil Coatings

Coils are coated with Blygold PoluAL  XT MB to provide corrosion protection and prevention of adhesion of pollution to the fin and tube surface area. The coating is an aluminum pigmented polyurethane coating that has little to no effect on the heat transfer capability of the coil or the pressure drop through the coil.

More information on Blygold PoluAL XT MB can be found here.


Antimicrobe coils

Anti-Microbial Casing/Cabinet Coatings

Interior casing and components are coated with AgION antimicrobial coating that releases silver ions  that stop the reproduction and growth of microbes on contact. When applied to the interior of HVAC units, the coating inhibits the grow of mold, bacteria, and fungus through continuous and controlled release of silver ions that bond with .

More information about the coating can be found here

AgION is perfect for use in equipment serving the following facilities:

  • Schools
  • Food processing
  • Medical office buildings
  • Hospitals
Anti-microbial casing coating

Interior casing coated with AgION anti-microbial coating