HVAC Modifications and Your Building’s Needs

Split Systems UnitWhen it comes to HVAC systems, not every commercial building has the same needs. And, while this is nothing new to acknowledge, it is also important to realize that the choices are many when looking for a commercial HVAC unit that meets the requirements for keeping a place of business comfortable, yet not break the budget.

The team at MJC recognizes that there are scenarios where you need a system crafted just for your space, so we have skilled technicians who will ascertain what your needs are and then design accordingly. Even better, we have a variety of HVAC modifications that we can make to help keep you comfortable. Some of these include:

·         Coatings – We have three different coating available: anti-corrosive, anti-microbial and architectural. All of our coatings exceed industry standards so that you don’t have to be concerned about your HVAC units or coils being damaged due to the environment or chemicals.

·         Coils – Our coil modifications can be made in many of the standard HVAC systems that use air handling units or packaged units. There is an assortment of options available so you can count on having a system that totally meets your needs.

·         Hot Gas Bypass – It is important that your space feel comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside. We can install an APR Control that will respond to the changing conditions. In fact, it works so well, that you might believe that your HVAC system is thinking for you!  Known for its ability to respond to the heat content of return air, it will outperform end-type controls like thermostats and humidistats, thus making your HVAC unit more energy efficient and less costly to use. Other benefits of this modification are compensation for efficiency differences between old and new systems, humidity reduction, less piping and ductwork in multi-zone designs, and the use of eco-friendly refrigerants.

·         Fan Modifications – Don’t feel as though you must use the fan that came with your HVAC system. There are actually several types available – forward curve fans, bladed backward curve fans, plenum fans, propeller fans, spark resistant fans and tube axial fans – and each of these fans serve different purposes.  Whether you need a fan that is quieter, one that uses the minimal amount of space, or several fans placed in a specific design, we can create a fan system that meets your needs.

These are but a few of the many ways that we can modify your company’s HVAC system and design to accomplish your needs.  Not sure what type of HVAC modifications will best suit your space? Talk to one of our modification experts today to learn how we can design a system that is perfect for your heating and air needs.

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Unit

hvac-tipsFall is officially here and with it comes cooler temperatures. And while many of us embrace the cool after the hot weather of a Georgia summer, these lower temps are a reminder to prepare for the colder days ahead. This preparation can take on many aspects, but one job that should not be overlooked is ensuring that your commercial HVAC unit(s) is ready for winter. After all, you don’t want to lose holiday business because your space is too cold to spend time in!

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Unit

Performing basic HVAC maintenance tasks is about more than just minimizing problems. It is a way to reduce energy costs for your company. By installing a programmable thermostat, ensuring that your system is designed to benefit your business, and by making upgrades when needed, you can make HVAC maintenance a smaller portion of your responsibilities.

Basic Commercial HVAC Maintenance Practices
· Should you have a system that uses filters, be sure to change these according to the instructions. This will improve the system’s performance, efficiency, and lifetime. Studies show that nearly 30% of electricity used in a typical commercial space comes from the HVAC unit. By keeping it clean, it doesn’t need to work as hard, so energy costs are lower.
· Do planned maintenance checks on the various pieces of equipment to be sure that your warranty stays current. Many HVAC companies will not honor a warranty if the piece has not been properly checked or updated as needed. Consider creating an HVAC maintenance schedule to ensure that each element of the system is checked when it should be.
· Be sure that your HVAC unit’s thermostat is properly calibrated so that you can set it for a specific temperature.
· Check around ductwork, vents, windows, and doors to make sure that no air is escaping. Should you find any leaks, have them sealed asap.
· Check elements such as heat exchangers, any tubes or other orifices where debris can build up and prohibit efficiency.

These maintenance tips for your commercial HVAC unit are not difficult, or lengthy to do, but failing to do them can have significantly adverse effects. Take time now to check out your company’s HVAC units. If you feel as though your older commercial system is not working as needed, or that you are spending more than necessary trying to maintain your existing system, consider having a custom commercial HVAC system designed by MJC.

For questions about the state of your HVAC unit, or to get an expert’s advice, give the MJC team a call today. We can check out your system, provide tips for getting more from it, or even custom design an HVAC system that meets your needs. Don’t wait to see “if” something will happen. Be proactive, and prevent HVAC problems before they can occur.

Common HVAC Problems and Solutions

PDDU viewCommercial HVAC units are generally very reliable, but that doesn’t mean they are invincible. When there is a problem with your HVAC system, it can often be a stressful time for you, your employees, and your customers/clients. In the South, where temperatures during the summer can be rather warm the loss of a working HVAC can even cause you to need to shut down or work a restricted schedule.

As HVAC professionals, the MJC Inc. team has seen and repaired many HVAC problems over the years, and has identified some common heating, ventilation and air conditioning problems. While these aren’t the only problems that may be encountered, having a basic knowledge of the problems and what can be done to resolve them can be extremely beneficial. Continue reading