The Benefits of Having a Custom HVAC System

MJC Inc Energy Recovery UnitsWhen you find yourself in the process of building your dream business location, you are faced with many decisions. From the type of fire suppression system to office furniture and everything in between, you have to make dozens of choices. One of these decisions will likely include choosing an HVAC system. And, while there are a number of wonderful commercial HVAC systems available, why not have a system designed to meet your needs and location?

With new construction, you can make choices that will benefit you – not some other company. Here are some of the reasons why companies ask MJC to develop a custom comfort system:

· We have a variety of high-tech equipment that incorporates many options. From the types of coatings used to the design of fans or ductwork, you can have an energy efficient solution. (Of course, if the HVAC unit is already in place, we can modify a non-MJC unit to meet your needs.)
· You can choose between split systems, or systems where the HVAC unit is installed on the ground outside your location or on the roof. You may even opt for a combination of these based on your needs for a specific space.
· Having an HVAC system that is too large for your space is just as bad as one that is too small. By having a custom unit designed, you can ensure that it is just what you need, thus making it more energy and cost effective.
· With a custom system designed and installed by MJC, you can count on the ductwork being placed where you need it for maximum balanced air delivery. This significantly minimizes the risks of improper installation, leaks, and loose connections.
· With a custom design, you can install the pieces needed to provide you with clean and healthy air. From the types of filters used to ventilation, you can be certain that you and your team have the best air quality possible.
· Because the system is designed just for your space, it doesn’t have to mean it will break the budget! Typically, custom-built HVAC units will cost less, and save you more because it is designed to meet your needs, rather reconfiguring another company’s ideas of what your HVAC system should have.

From comfort to cost, having an HVAC system that works for you is not something to overlook. At MJC, we can create an HVAC system that is perfect for you, so that you pay for what you actually need, not what a company thinks you need. Give us a call today to get started on the planning and installation of the HVC system right for you.

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