Common HVAC Problems and Solutions

PDDU viewCommercial HVAC units are generally very reliable, but that doesn’t mean they are invincible. When there is a problem with your HVAC system, it can often be a stressful time for you, your employees, and your customers/clients. In the South, where temperatures during the summer can be rather warm the loss of a working HVAC can even cause you to need to shut down or work a restricted schedule.

As HVAC professionals, the MJC Inc. team has seen and repaired many HVAC problems over the years, and has identified some common heating, ventilation and air conditioning problems. While these aren’t the only problems that may be encountered, having a basic knowledge of the problems and what can be done to resolve them can be extremely beneficial.

7 Common HVAC Problems and their Solutions

1.       Filters – Your HVAC filters will get dirty and clogged. When this happens, it is time to change the filter. If the dirty filter is not changed out, the result will be a reduction in the airflow that will cause the unit to freeze.

2.       The Thermostat – Before panicking and think that your HVAC system is not working, be sure to check the thermostat. Sometimes the needed repair is nothing more than turning on the unit or adjusting the thermostat.

3.       Refrigerant Leak – These can be caused by the vibration of the unit during use. Sadly, refrigerant leaks in the condenser or evaporator coil or cannot be repaired; however, if the leak is in another part of the unit, a repairperson can remove what is left and charge the unit levels back to the super mario correct amount.

4.       Condenser Coil – Located outside of the compressor, these are exposed to the elements and can get quite dirty. At least once a year, they should be cleaned. If the dirt and grime get bad enough an HVAC technician will have to clean the coil with a chemical cleaner.

5.       Evaporator Coil – Also located on the outside of the unit, these should be cleaned at least once every three years. In the event that these coils should become cracked, you will need to call an MJC technician to make the repair.

6.       Compressor – This is the main part of an HVAC unit. In the event that it is undercharged with refrigerant, the compressor will run and eventually quit. If it is overcharged, the refrigerant will get into the compressor and cause liquid slugging. If you are unsure of the proper amount of refrigerant, then talk to an HVAC pro.

7.       Gas Valve – The gas valve meters the gas to flow from your gas line to your unit. They are only used during the heating season. Sometimes the gas valve gets corroded. If this is the case, it will need to be replaced.

While many of these heating, ventilation, an air condition can be frustrating, they don’t have to be a cause for stress.  In fact, in some cases, they can be prevented by proactive measures such as replacing the filters or cleaning lines. However, should you find yourself dealing with an HVAC problem, and don’t want to risk causing a bigger problem give the pros at MJC a call. We are here to help you keep comfortable all year around.

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