Why Should Your HVAC System Have a Coating?

MJC Inc. ArchitecturalDid You Know?

·         The weakest part of your HVAC system is the heat exchanger.

·         The number one cause of inefficiency for the HVAC system is corrosion.

·         The metals used in heat exchangers are extremely fragile.

When you own a business, you know that efficiency is key for getting work done quickly and correctly. Consequently, you look for ways to improve the daily processes in every facet of your business. At MJC, we understand the importance of having an HVAC system that you can depend on to work effectively so that you, your coworkers, and those you serve are comfortable.

One such way to ensure that your HVAC system is working at its best is by having it coated. An HVAC coating can be applied to the heat exchanger, coil, exterior or interior of gamf.net any HVAC system thus significantly minimizing risk of corrosion due to the elements of nature, or chemicals and pollutants in the air.

Benefits of HVAC Coatings

The main reason coils and exchangers should be coated is because they are exposed to the elements of nature. When you leave them uncoated then you are opening yourself up to more money spent on HVAC repairs. In fact, if you live near the coast ad your system does not have the proper coating, you are risking a 50% decrease in HVAC efficiency in just one year!

But no matter where your business located, having your HVAC system coated means you will reap the following benefits:

·         When a coating is used, your HVAC system will work more efficiently; in fact, in places where coatings are combined with proper maintenance, you will have an annual savings of as much as 30% on energy costs.

·         An HVAC coating can triple the lifetime of the heat exchanger.

·         The coating will prevent corrosion of the heat exchanger, because it seals off the exchanger from the environment yet doesn’t affect the heat transfer and pressure drop.

·         When combined with other protective application measures, the coating used by MJC is the best choice available for getting the most from your HAVC unit because it prevents air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption.

There are several options in selecting an HVAC coating, super mario and the type used depends on your system and its needs. However, some common factors to be considered are that the best coatings are thin, flexible, impact resistant, and UV resistant. The Blygold coating used by MJC meets these requirements, so you can be sure that your HVAC is fully protected from the elements and will work properly for many years.

At MJC, we want your company’s HVAC system to be reliable. We are here to answer your questions, provide installation and maintenance, and help you learn ways to get the most from your system. If you have any questions, please contact one of our representatives today.

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