How Can Your Company’s HVAC System Benefit from Weatherization?

"Glass wool Insulation"There are many methods a company might implement to save money, but perhaps one of the simplest is by looking for ways to get the most from the HVAC system. Your company spends a significant portion of the monthly budget on heating and air conditioning, but what if you could maintain the comfort level, but lower the spending? One such way is with weatherization.

Weatherization is defined as the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, particularly from sunlight, precipitation and wind; modifying a building to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.” Or, simply put, it is opting for a more high efficiency approach to heating and cooling.

Because warm air seeks colder air, the best way to begin the weatherization process is by walking around your building with an incense stick or bottled smoke and noting where the smoke seems to be drawn towards. Most likely, the common places will be around windows, doors, and electrical outlets; however, other common locations include floors, ductwork, fans, and vents. Once problem areas have been identified, there are several different steps that can be taken to improve efficiency.

·         Blown or spray foam  insulation – Sometimes the most obvious method is the most needed. If air is escaping through cracks and crevices, solving your energy problem may be as simple as adding more insulation.

·         Weather stripping – Available as plastic, rubber, vinyl or metal, weather stripping will prevent outside air from getting in, and keep the temperature you want inside.

·         Duct work – Sometimes ductwork can become loose super mario and allow air to escape at the joints. A HVAC specialist can reattach these pipes and take steps to keep them attached properly so that air cannot escape. Sealing the ducts better not only results in better air efficiency but also encourages better air quality, which means less risk of your employees getting sick.

·         Windows – If your business is located in an older office building, then it is likely that you need to have the windows replaced with Energy Star rated windows. While this improvement may not cause you to see an immediate change, you will find that the room feels less drafty.

·         Crawl space – If your office has a crawl space or attic, be sure that it is properly insulated as this will make a difference year round.

·         Programmable thermostat – When it comes to energy efficiency, these are one of the best investments you can make to your home or office! By being able to control air temperature based on work zones, specific usage needs and other criteria, these are on the best investments you can make.

Weatherization is a simple way to start lowering HVAC expenses. These actions can be implemented in just a short period of time, but will have long lasting effects. If you would like to learn more about weatherization and how your business can benefit, give the pros at MJC a call today.

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